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Tibet Paper Money Catalog with a Critical Bibliography by Wolfgang Bertsch

Paper money was only introduced into Tibet in the early 20th century and yet Tibetan banknotes are arguably the most attractive among world currencies. The designs on the banknotes include both religious and national symbols, such as the snow lion and the lung rta ("wind horse"), and most are printed in vivid colors.

The currency represents a unique blend of printing skills and the artistic genius inspired by a long historical tradition of painting in Tibet. Those banknotes which survive are a testament to Tibet's independent status prior to 1959, and serve as a tangible reminder of Tibetan material culture.

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The Currency of Tibet by Wolfgang Bertsch

This is a newly published book 2002 edition "THE CURRENCY OF TIBET" written by famous German writer Wolfgang Bertsch.

It is a source book for the study of Tibetan coins, paper money and other forms of currency. The author has provided a comprehensive introduction with illustrations of paper currency and coins and their explanations. He has, also consulted numerous western non numismatic publications on Tibet and has listed all those which mention some aspects of Tibet's currency, often quoting extensively, particularly from those works which may not be of easy access.

The book has 158 pages size 6.5"x 9.5" with soft binding.

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An Overview of Nepalese Paper Money

First time being issued by Nepal, a catalog on Nepalese paper money with detailed descriptions and color photos.

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